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    Safe for people, pets and all types of carpet.

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  • GreenPro Cleaners

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Welcome to GreenPro Cleaners!

GreenPro Cleaners was founded in Bloomington Illinois. Your Green alternative to the standard, soaking and steaming treatment they recommend. We provide a no more wet carpet experience. Our carpet cleaning services have become well known around the Central Illinois area because of the improvement our customers see and feel.

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 We appreciate all of the families and businesses that have welcomed us. Only to use us again and again. We look forward to the opportunity to introduce even more people to our safe, convenient, 100% organic carpet cleaning services. 

GreenPro Cleaners uses Green Seal Certified products. We specialize in a bio-based dry carpet cleaning, rug cleaning including upholstery cleaning. Our process is different than the typical carpet cleaning company. Ultimately what this means to you is that, for the same effectiveness and price point, we can provide you a clean home or office without the hassles of wet carpets, humid drying times or spots reappearing. Wicking..



Why? Conventional wet extraction carpet cleaning has created more problems and frustrations than it has solved. Many consumers and businesses sadly continue to be misinformed; continuing the disappointment.

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GreenPro Cleaners uses a unique carpet cleaning process designed to solve the many problems caused by wet carpet cleaning methods like...

  • Wicking
  • Steam/Water based extraction
  • Rent to clean portable systems 
  • Chemical approach "dry"
  • Long drying times
  • We don't upcharge for GREEN. We were green before green became needed.

Thats why many of our existing customers; both residential and commercial continue to chose GreenPro Cleaners, GreenPro Clean & Dry carpet system as their preferred carpet cleaning expert.

In addition to being effective and affordable, our service is 100% environmentally preferred bio-based safe for people, pets while improving indoor air quality. Leaving you with a  fresh carpet that stays cleaner longer, and with no soapy residue. 

Take a minute to look around our site and learn more about who we are and what we do. You'll be happy you did.

A system with you in mind:

  • Spots won't reappear 
  • Great for allergy sufferers 
  • May contribute to LEED points
  • Improves indoor air quality 
  • Safe for people and pets, including all types of carpet
  • Green Seal Certified, USDA BioPreferred & Wool Safe 
  • Bio-based, Environmentally respected, environmentally qualified & environmentally friendly 


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